Role of the quantity surveying profession

Calculating the costs of building and the items included for its whole life is called whole life costing assessment. Building Information Modeling BIM compares all details about projects design and its construction and operation process to meet the maximum efficiency at any stage of the project by using a computer generated model.

Apart from those cost concerned aspects discussed above, quantity surveyors are also needed to be conversant in construction management and procurement, contractual administration and legal aspects of construction within the modern built environment. Professional establishments are assisting to assorted classs of constructional personal to upgrade their accomplishments and overall impact of such professional establishment in the building industry.

The Quantity Surveyor in the construction industry seems to have gone through some significant changes.

Quantity surveyor

The importance of the Project Management is growing worldwide and it has huge impact on productivity and quality of the project. There are many advantages of being a member in professional establishment They are, Attending to conference and seminars Get the privilege to utilize on-line resort Free instruction Above all the fact explains about how to better the service member in professional establishment.

The Role of the Quantity Surveying Profession within the contemporary Built Environment

Prepare first budget estimation from feasibility proposals. Monitor cost implications during comprehensive design level. Bills of Quantities in tender Drafting contract conditions and contractual correspondence Commercial management and contract administration Contractual advice.

Also there are some emerging aspects like whole life costing assessments, sustainability and BIM that could add more changes to the quantity surveying profession in near future. Frei, also stated that with the intention of developing the productivity and high performance of the industry it is necessary to invest in information technology IT and information communication technology ICT.

By the early 19th century, a new contractor system resulted in price competition before construction. Construction designing and economics 3.

A Profession Undergoing Rebirth -Transformations in the Quantity Surveyor's Role - Essay Example

Editing help is available. The quantity surveyor when submitting his invoice shall on each invoice verify the basis on which the explained amount is determined. By carrying these assessments prior to any other works which has been taken into count maintenance, operational and demolition costs of the project with the consideration of the inflation, client will be able to get best value for his money.

According to the facts which I have discussed so far, it has declared that Quantity Surveyors not only have to perform traditional roles by offering traditional services nevertheless also have to play contemporary roles by granting non-traditional or additional services to fill up the demand of this innovative and mutable construction industry.

The deadline for payment will be 7 days following the particular date of the submission of the invoice. The best procurement path can be determined based on the Consumer' requirements. Evolving roles of Quantity Surveying The quantity surveying profession has been able to evolve and diversify into new areas of practicing, providing a wider range of services, with the modern quantity surveyor covering all aspects of project cost management, procurement and contract management Lee, Trench and Willis Menaha Thayaparan, et.

But it has become viable with the finding of new ways to handle building project more cost-efficiently by modern quantity surveyors who has given the traditional and contemporary monetary roles.

Role Of The Quantity Surveying Profession

The Quantity surveyor is involved in each of these phases. Besides maintain and better the quality of the built environment. We continue to witness the way technology progresses and changes the ways in which work is produced and maintained.

Design stage During the design level the Qs will: Advise on cost of design team's proposals. Whichever of the above ways of selection is employed it's important for the selection criteria to add the following: Construction planning and procurement 4. Please help improve the article with a good introductory style.

Because of that it is straight consequence to the building industry. Prepare tips for interim payments to contractors, subcontractors and suppliers relative to the contract requirements. Construction planning and procurement 4.

Investigate tenderers and recommend the Client on financial status and experience. QSBC Has been suggested that the role of the quantity surveyor has outspread over time beyond its main scope of financial based concerns not only to cover the knowledge of values, cost, labor and materials, but also to include legal and contractual matters, like wise being a consultants on construction business and also has to be concern about developers, the government, contractors and the general project management.

The Role of the Quantity Surveying Profession within the contemporary Built Environment

The costs of the task meet the Client's budget. This has added a great optimism and value to the profession. Cost consulting, cost estimating, cost management, cost engineering Cost planning and commercial management throughout the entire life cycle of the project from inception to post-completion Value determination Procurement advice and assistance during the tendering procedures Tender analysis and agreement of the contract sum Preparation of pricing documents e.

By using this art of leading and coordinating material and human resources in construction process called project management, Quantity surveyor will be able to complete project on time within the budget. Advise on tendering and contractual arrangements taking into accounts the Client's priorities and information available from designers.In brief, this report has done a critical discussion on traditional and contemporary roles of quantity surveying, origin and history of the profession, key and core competencies of quantity surveying and also changing, evolved and emerging roles of quantity surveying profession.

Whence, future changes of quantity surveying profession seem to be more compulsive and its influence to the construction industry should be more explored by the quantity surveyors.

Sustainability, whole life costing and the building information modeling (BIM) are the three main emerging roles of quantity surveying profession. Profession of a person who is working within the construction industry concerned with construction costs and contracts called as Quantity Surveyor (QS).

In construction industry, Quantity Surveyors have more responsibilities than other workers.

Role of Professional Institutions in Architecture and Quantity Surveying

Therefore this essay analyzed the roles and importance of Quantity Surveyors in construction industry. Technical surveyors, for example, are well placed to transfer their skills into a quantity surveying role but will still need to complete a degree for a professional position in that discipline, possibly over a.

The role of a Quantity Surveyor is developing to keep up with the changing market. There is no denying the critical role a Quantity Surveyor plays in the construction industry, and this therefore highlights the importance in keeping this profession relevant.

The quantity surveyor profession can trace its roots back to the rebuilding of London after the Great fire ROLE OF A QUANTITY SURVEYOR NOWADAYS Quantity surveyors are the accountants of the building profession – planning and managing costs of construction projects from start to finish.

Role of the quantity surveying profession
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